Introducing Lendfirst Home Loans, the low deposit experts

Lendfirst Home Loans (previously Australian Property Finance, Cairns) purpose is to assist undervalued low deposit and first home buyers find real solutions to buy their homes. First home buyers and low deposit buyers are regularly mislead by media, friends, family, banks and other advisers who say home ownership is not possible without a large deposit. This is simply not the case and many miss out because they listen to incorrect advice.

If you are a first home buyer or have a limited deposit, Lendfirst Home Loans specialises in finding real solutions just for you. Because we are experts in low deposit loans, we often get you a ‘Yes’ when others have already given you a ‘No’.

We will publish regular thought provoking and interesting articles via our weekly blog and provide regular informative explanations of policies, processes and systems needed to buy a house and/or get a home loan. Follow us on Facebook, visit our website or simply email to participate.

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